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The Welcome Lutheran Altar Guild was organized on February 7, 1969, in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the congregation. Nine ladies were charter members of the Altar Guild, which has cared for the altar and chancel area of our church for more than thirty years. The charter members of the Welcome Lutheran Altar Guild are Mrs. Elroy Wiecker, Mrs. Alvin Schulz, Mrs. Robert Warmke, Mrs. Erwin Kramer, Mrs. Arthur Winkelmann, Mrs. Vergil Luedeker, Mrs. Leslie Eben, Pastor Charles David, Mrs. Charles David, Mrs. E.G. Wehmeyer.

Altar Guild Responsibilities

General Information:

Tasks performed by the Altar Guild at Welcome Lutheran Church-a team of one or two persons per service.  

Routine preparations:  

  • Change the paraments as needed during  the month.
  • Follow the church calendar posted in the sacristy.  
  • Check and update Hymnal Board before services.
  • Altar Guild should help the Acolytes as needed .
  • Consult Pastor about any special  needs.
  • Clean candle snuffer after each service.
  • Check wicks in candle lighter.
  • Check Lighters.


Check and fill candles every week (oil candles can burn normally for about three hours after being filled). Everyone needs to check and fill all candles so they are ready for special service, weddings, funerals, or Lenten services during the week, the candles can be low on oil. It just does not look good to glorify God to have candles burning feebly or not burning at all. Candles need to cool down before filling.   If candles are not burning well there are three things to check:

  1. Is the wick clean, to clean wick take a paper towel and squeeze the wick
  2. Is the oil  level low (refill)
  3. Is the wick to short?
  4. Wicks are not to be trimmed.  

 Holy Communion-

  • Fill chalice l / 2 cup (orange measuring cup) Fill four trays on a regular Sunday and 6 trays for special services (Easter, Christmas Eve etc.) One tray holds 40 cups.
  •  Wine should be filled the morning or evening of the service. If early morning service communion trays, and bread boxes may be filled the night before, but place large wafer and  fill  cup before  service.
  • Place both ciborium (host box) out for Communion Host/ wafers.
  • Place one large wafer on paten. 
  • Place an extra cloth on the Altar to protect altar linen.
  • Place the two bowls with white paper towel on stand in front of pulpit and lectern for collecting used cups.
  • After communion, take count. Subtract unused cups and add eight or nine including the past or, ushers, etc. and record number on list located on wall in sacristy.  
  • Clean communion ware following the service. Rinse and wipe trays clean. The unused cups - return wine to cruet in box and wash/ rinse cups and air dry.
  • Place remaining wafers in ciborium and also box.  
  • Remnants of wine in cup drank by minister or can be poured outside on the ground. This is the Blood of Christ. It is not to be poured down the sink or thrown in the trash.
  • All soiled or used linens (the purification/napkin folded in thirds lengthwise placed over the chalice/cup) should be laundered, ironed and returned.

 Brass Altar Vases: may be used, but cannot be taken from the church building to be used elsewhere.   The metal inserts inside the brass vases may be taken to arrange flowers in. Clean brass vases with soft cloth. Any other vase may be used.

Empty brass Altar vases should never be left on the Altar.

Flowers are not to be placed on Altar during weekly Lenten Services.

Prepare Chancel for any special services (weddings, confirmation, funerals, etc.)  

Paschal Candle: Placed near the altar and lit during the Easter season, at other times it is placed near the font and lit for Holy Baptism and placed at the  head of  the coffin for funerals.  

Unity Candle: (located in Altar Guild storage room.) use for weddings and candles borne by the couple.  

Kneeling Pillow:  when needed (weddings, confirmation) place in front of Altar or proper place. Pillow is stored in chest drawer next to the sacristy.  

Baptism: Prepare Baptismal font for baptism (in the morning of the day of the baptism) Empty water from bowl and dry it after services. Move paschal candle near the font. Check and clean the wick of the candle and see if it needs more oil.  Have oil available for the sign of the cross made on the forehead of the baptized.  Each person being baptized will receive a cedar box (located in the Altar Guild storage room).  In the box is placed a Baptismal candle and cloth (found in the chest drawer next to the sacristy), a small bible and shell (from Thrivent, as long as they last) which is found in the closet in the original council room at the rear of the church.

Care for Confirmation robes. Two weeks before confirmation measure for hem line. (Remove hem before cleaning.)

Care for Acolytes robes.

Funeral Pall The pall is laid over the last pew in readiness for the burial liturgy. It is placed (by funeral home members) over the coffin at the beginning of the burial liturgy and carried into the nave. After service the pall is removed at the church door (by funeral home members) placed on pew and stored carefully in chest drawer near sacristy.

Worship Committee to place advent wreath the Saturday before Advent and remove after the first Sunday in January.   Check candles, wick and oil.

Chairperson to oversee and work alongside of all other ladies on committee. Repairing and cleaning any of the paraments and vestments (should be checked regularly). Ordering any new linens, napkins or paraments.   Reserve a supply: Wine, wafers/bread, pew pencils, candle oil, wick for candles and snuffer, Baptism oil, Baptism Candles, Baptism napkins and Ashes.  

Please contact chairperson or church secretary for  items to  be purchased as needed.      

Altar Guild, Revised 2017




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