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The Welcome Lutheran Altar Guild was organized on February 7, 1969, in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the congregation. Nine ladies were charter members of the Altar Guild, which has cared for the altar and chancel area of our church for more than thirty years. The charter members of the Welcome Lutheran Altar Guild were Mrs. Elroy Wiecker, Mrs. Alvin Schulz, Mrs. Robert Warmke, Mrs. Erwin Kramer, Mrs. Arthur Winkelmann, Mrs. Vergil Luedeker, Mrs. Leslie Eben, Pastor Charles David, Mrs. Charles David, Mrs. E.G. Wehmeyer.

Altar Guild Responsibilities

Some of Altar Guild's Duties include:

  • Changing the paraments as needed during the month.
  • Updating Hymnal Board before services.
  • Preparing the Bread and Wine for communion.
  • Assisting the Acolytes when needed.
  • Consulting Pastor about any special needs.
  • Ensuring communion cards and pencils are in pews before each service.
  • Preparing all the candles, cleaning snuffer and checking wicks.
  • Preparing Baptismal Font and oil for baptisms.
  • Preparing Funeral Pall for funerals.
  • Offering unity candle and kneeling pillow for use during wedding.
  • Caring for the acolyte and confirmation robes.

The altar guild schedule of volunteers may be found by clicking here.




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