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Welcome Sports Ministry

We are committed to growing athletes of action through a unique blend of martial arts, fitness, and sports related activities for the purpose of developing spiritual leaders within the church and the community at large. We accomplish this by recognizing the importance of practicing both physical and spiritual fitness. By coupling a study of scripture with self defense and other fitness activities we strive to develop five basic qualities: Courage, Courtesy, Integrity, Humility, and Self-Control. These are qualities that we believe benefit everyone throughout their lives.

  • Courage gives us the ability to make unpopular decisions and live with them. Some will despise your decision but they will ultimate respect the fact that you stayed with it.
  • Courtesy is the respect that we show to others. This should done even when we disagree with something they may have done or said. 
  • Integrity is acting on the knowledge of right and wrong and choosing the right thing.
  • Humility and self-control are the spiritual qualities that identify just who we are. These are often the first two qualities that others notice in us.

Each of these qualities are found in scripture and should be exercised in the physical realm.


Shorinkan Karate 
1st grade - 6th grade: Mon.  & Thurs. 7:00 - 8:00 PM
6th grade - adult: Mon. & Thurs. 7:30 - 8:30 PM

Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan Karate is an Okinawan martial art form that has been proven as a viable personal self defense system for over 600 years.  Focus is placed on direct movements to evade and counter attacks. The techniques are done with graceful and yet powerful movements while developing posture, coordination, and attention to detail.  This class is offered FREE of charge.

Fitness Classes
Class times vary - See our Facebook Page for times

Fitness classes are offered periodically throughout the year in 6 week segments. All fitness levels are welcome to attend.  These class are offered FREE of charge.  
Street Smart Self Defense 
Seminars held periodically throughout the year – call for upcoming dates

Street Smart Self Defense is based on practical, yet simple applications that you can learn in a few hours. The techniques are based on instinctive responses that allow you to act realistically and confidently in a threatening situation.   This is a great seminar for those embarking on high school and college and for families to take as a whole.  This seminar is offered FREE of charge.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Wed. 5:30 - 6:30 PM

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a form of self-defense that focuses on how to defend yourself if someone takes you down to the ground.  This system adheres to the principle that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger opponent by using leverage to apply joint-locks and chokeholds in order to restrain and/or defeat them.  This class is offered FREE of charge.


Fitness Challenges

We are always looking for unique and creative fitness challenges.  Crop Walks, Mudders, Fitness Walks/Runs.  We also have a group of daily walkers that meet at Industry City Park at 6:45 PM.


Sports Movie Night

Join us as we gather together for a night of fun and fellowship as we enjoy a favorite, wholesome, sports related movie.


See the Games

You are welcome to join us on one of our planned sports trips.  All sports are considered and trips are based on group preference. 

More about the Sports Ministry Program...

The Welcome Sports ministry was developed to grow athletes of action by recognizing the importance of practicing both physical and spiritual fitness.

Since October of 2013 we have been offering classes in Karate, Self Defense, and Fitness.  We have an active Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition team.  We have also led fitness activities through our group of Welcome Walkers who meet at Industry Recreational Park.  We have a dedicated group of fans (The Scream Squad) who attend both Bellville and Brenham football games and make as much noise as possible.  We have also attended rodeos in support of our kids and young adults.

In 2014 we had 4 individuals who completed mud runs for physical fitness:  Linsey Meier (5k Mud Run), Dauson Wittner (5K Mud Run), Joseph Sutton (5k Mud Run) and Gina Miles (5k Mud Run and 13 mile Tough Mudder).  In 2015 we celebrated a World JiuJitsu Title for Joseph Sutton and 2016 has produced a vibrant JiuJitsu competition team.

Rowdy Reds:  Thanks to Joseph Sutton, founder of the Bellville High School Rowdy Reds Student Section, we were able to support the Rowdy Reds and provide all of their startup materials.  Donations collected and distributed included:  Rally towels, a custom banner, stadium horns, cowbells, face paint, tubs, banner ties, hats, logos, BRAHMAS! Shirts, and miscellaneous snacks and supplies.  Approximately 135 students have been reached with this program alone.

Movie Nights:  Now that we have the new hall and a large screen, we have begun our Family Movie Nights. Check the church bulletin and newsletter for dates and times.

Here's what we're working on right now:

  • Reconstructing the Youth and Sports Building
    • Thanks to Joseph Sutton and Jace DeJesus, the Sports Building and Weight room are complete and open to the public.  We have free weights, kicking bags/shields/mitts, 2 treadmills, an elliptical, a spin bike, a recumbent bike, a speed bag, a double end ball for boxing, heavy ropes for conditioning, and 2 makiwara posts. See the pastor or church secretary for location of the entrance code.
  • Constructing an Outdoor Family Fitness Area
    •  All of the equipment necessary to build a 12 X 12 X 70 foot batting cage has been purchased through donations.
    • The existing old outdoor volleyball courts are being refurbished.
    • A soccer net is being added.
  • Playground Equipment
    • Thanks to Joseph Sutton we have a new airplane shaped teeter totter assembled and in place for our younger members.  It holds up to 7 kiddos.

Future Goals:

  • MudRuns:  Several members have expressed an interest in participating in 2017 in another Mud Run.  Joseph Sutton will be choosing the run date and time and organizing the team.
  • Fitness Classes:  We are in the preliminary stage of offering possible classes in YOGA. 
  • Football:  We would like to sponsor/organize a Family group next year (2017) for the football season to give all of the small kids in attendance their own version of the ROWDY REDS.  (The BULL PEN).  Our own Scream Squad would help lead them in cheers, offer face painting, etc.  This would be an outreach to Sunday School aged kids.  The cost would be minimal:  face paint and maybe some small cowbells.  Again, this would be covered by donations. 
  • Bowling:  This winter we would like to support the Bellville Bowling Team.  Team Co-Captain, Joseph Sutton, will be leading this in an effort to show support to groups that are lesser known and who receive no funding from Bellville/Brenham sports.  This will be a Youth aged outreach project.  
  • Sports Trips:  We are working to plan church trips to sporting events throughout the year. 

So where do you fit into all of this?  Get moving.  Do something for yourself for a change. Meet the walkers at the park.  Use the fitness room. Attend one of our classes.  Help build the batting cage or help with the sports building and volleyball or soccer court and then again, get moving.  Take care of you and your Temple of the Holy Spirit.

We are here as a ministry to the young and the young at heart.  Everyone here could stand to be in better shape.  You dedicate your lives to your families and to your church but neglect the body which is the Temple of the Holy Spirit.  So why not join us in bettering ourselves for Christ.

We are here for you.  All of our ministries are free of charge and require only your dedication and attendance.  And our ministries are open to everyone in the community, not just church members so invite a friend along.  It'll be even more fun that way.

Get moving ... and Be Blessed.
Angela Sutton



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"You are always welcome at Welcome Lutheran"

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