If you are unable to be present for ushering duties, PLEASE be sure to contact the Usher Captain or another member of your ushering team.

Usher Reminders

7:45 Service

  • Open entrance gates to parking area.
  • Make sure the heating or cooling system is set as needed (weather may necessitate the need to do this the night before).
  • At the close of service, place the offering in the large plate (under the 4 small plates) beside Altar.
  • Responsibilities designated below with an * should be selected as appropriate for the 7:45 AM Service. 

10:00 Service

Usher Captain is the person listed first on the schedule for the designated date. 

Usher Captain designates persons on usher team to:

  • Open door and greet all (weather permitting).*
  • Stand at guest book, greet guests and ask them to sign guest register.*
  • Distribute bulletins.*
  • Ring bell.*
  • Take attendance.*
  • Take up offering (2 ushers designated for center aisle and 2 for outside aisles).
  • Assist with Communion (2 ushers needed).
  • Set up reserve seat signs when necessary (located in desk drawer in Council room).
  • Usher people out at end of worship.*

Responsibilities of all ushers

  • Be present at least 30 minutes prior to worship service, one hour before Christmas Eve.*
  • If balcony used, distribute hymnals and hand out Communion cards.*
  • Ring bell at least 5 times after the announcements.*
  • Late arrivals should be assisted to pews, as needed.*
  • Assist with offering when Pastor calls for offering. 
  • If balcony is used, a third usher takes up offering (extra plates in Council room).
  • Two designated ushers walk to Altar and bow. 
  • One usher takes 4 plates from Acolyte (leaving the larger plate) and hands 2 plates to other usher.
  • After collecting gifts (including the Balcony plate if used), remain in the back of Sanctuary. 
  •  When offertory song begins, one usher walks to front, bows and places plates on larger plate held by Acolyte.
  • Return to seat.
  •  Designated ushers (2) will assist with Communion immediately after Lord’s Prayer. 
  • Direct people down center aisle in double file.
  • Usher pews independently; it’s ok if one side is ahead of other side.
  • If people are seated in choir loft, they are to be communed first then returned to choir loft.
  •  If people are seated in balcony, they are to be communed last then returned to balcony.
  •  Place communion cards in the Secretary’s box in the Council room.*
  • At the end of worship service, after Pastor reaches door, one designated usher begins ushering people out starting with the front pews.*
  • Record attendance in book located in Council room and total at the end of each month.*
  •  Clear hymnals of bulletins and place hymnals correctly in pews.*
  •  Pick up and discard all trash.*
  • Straighten communion/attendance cards and pencils (should remain in pews at all times).*
  • Make sure commodes are flushed and disposable diapers are disposed of properly.
  • Turn off all lights – restrooms, educational building, balcony and church.
  • Keep council room neat and orderly.*
  • Make sure the heating or cooling system has been reset to:
    • Winter – 65 degrees  
    • Summer – 78 degrees
  • Close entrance gates to parking area




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